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Quixey: A Search Engine For Apps

Introducing Quixey, a search engine designed for apps. Apps, whether they are for desktop, browser or mobile, have essentially become websites in another form. They can link to other content, provide information and fulfill many functions of a regular site in a compact and easy to use format. However, one reason companies such as Google, do not like apps is that their internal content is not indexed, so despite plenty of apps surfacing, it isn’t always clear what’s inside.

Quixey joins a number of search engines forming the “app discovery problem”. What we like about Quixey is that it takes a different approach to indexing apps, in what they call “functional search”. The idea is that a user will enter a query related to what they want to do rather than finding specific apps or even categories. It’s a great way for users to discover new apps on multiple platforms that they may not have come across otherwise. It might also mean that developers bring more thought to what purposes apps serve to those that use them as well as what problems could be solved through using them.

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Google Currents App

A not so well known but must-have app, called Google Currents has now launched worldwide. It is a free magazine-style news reader available on Android and iOS devices. It delivers high speed and offline reading of editions from publishers such as Forbes, The Guardian, TechCrunch and Fast Company as well as your favourite blogs and feeds. Additionally it uses Google’s search technology to find “trending” editions in various categories so there is always something bound to interest you.

We’ve downloaded it on our devices and have found the app to be great as this review says it to be. Although it could be arguably lacking some NZ content (you can still get RSS feeds), we can still keep up with some of our favourite sites such as Mashable, CNET, Engadget and (ahem) TMZ. And even when that’s all exhausted, we can of course search for anything else we please. We’d definitely expect this app to work its way up the charts on the iTunes and Android stores over the coming weeks.

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Screenleap One-Click Screen Share

We’ve used a few screen sharing services but our favourite one (at the moment!) is Screenleap. Like most of the services out there it is free and easy to use, but we like the fact that we don’t need to sign up for an account, install anything and that we can also use our mobiles and tablets. It’s great if we want to utilise multiple screens during a conference call.

The service uses Java and you simply provide your participants an easy code or URL for them to instantly see your screen on any device with a browser. Granted, Google + hangouts do offer a few more nifty features, but Screenleap is great when after a quick solution.

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Xobni Email & Contacts

Here’s a great plugin for Outlook that helps you manage all those emails: Xobni.

It’s a very smart contacts application that lets you easily see what emails and files have been exchanged with any particular contact by syncing with your mailbox folders. It’s a handy feature when emails have been sorted into various folders and it isn’t always easy to locate via Outlook’s search feature.

The app also links to other platforms such as Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote and is available on iOS and Android.

One of the more fun features in the ranking given to contacts based on how much you contact each other. Whose your #1?

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