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Olympic Searches on Mobile Devices Rising

on August 7, 2012

Google has hailed the London Olympics as the first multi-screen Olympics with games-related searches on mobile devices and tablets during the first week up ten times on the previous seven days.

In Australia the percentage of Olympic related searches made on mobile and tablets in the first two days of the world’s biggest sporting event hit 45%. In Japan 55% of searches were made on mobile devices, with the US at 47% and UK at 46%.

“As users watch TV, or watch their laptops at work, they’re searching for information about athletes, sports, events and records –  on their tablets and smartphones. In fact, at some moments during the Games, there have been more searches performed on tablets and smartphones than on computers,” Google said.

During the opening ceremony, searches on mobile devices for the query Paul McCartney soared in line with his performance of Hey Jude.

Google also found that in popular tourist island destinations, search on tablets were almost as equal to those made on smartphones, which it says is different from other countries where smartphone shares is significantly higher than tablet. It attributes this to the “tablet-toting tourists”.


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