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Google Now Lets You Write Search Queries

on July 27, 2012

It started with typing your query, then voice queries, then image based queries and now Google has just announced you can hand-write your search queries.

You can hand write your query on your smartphone or tablet when on Google.com. All you have to do is place your finger on the Google home page and use your finger or stylus to write. Google will use its handwriting technology to convert the handwriting to text.

To enable it, go to Google.com on your mobile or tablet device and click on “Settings” at the bottom of the screen (or for tablets at the top right) and enable “Handwrite.” Then go to Google.com on the device and start writing. There is some slight annoyances in having to switch out between the modes, but definitely a neat idea for searching.

Here is a screen shot after you enable the handwrite option:

Here is a screen shot of an “SEO” hand written query from an iPad:

Once it is enabled, the home page wil allow you to write your query. On the search results page you can activate the screen by clicking on the “Handwrite icon” at the bottom right of the screen. Here is a more detailed help document on handwrite instructions and here is a tips document from Google on this new feature.


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