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Adwords Scripts

on July 4, 2012

In case if you missed it, Adwords recently introduced scripts to their existing set of automation tools. Automated Rules have proven to be extremely handy to help users make automated changes in their account based on simple criteria. However, there is more potential for p users who would want to make changes based on their own pre-defined logic. Adwords scripts fulfil this need by helping advertisers now make changes by writing simple JavaScript programs. Thus, this new feature is more like a collaboration of Automated Rules and Adwords API.

For the meanwhile, Adwords is enabling scripts with three primary services;

1. Google Spreadsheets; for account integration with external inventory data to assist JavaScript execution.

2. URL Fetcher; for fetching resources and communicating with other hosts over the Internet

3. Mail services; to allow users to send emails with complete control over the content of the email, hence turning it into a powerful porting tool.


According to Google, the scripts will allow Ad managers to:

– Use external inventory data to either change bids or pause / unpause keywords.

– Output account statistics to a spread sheet from which you can create reports and visualizations.

– Use stats trends over several weeks to change keyword or ad group bids


The feature can be accessed by navigating to the Campaigns tab, and selecting scripts after clicking on the automation button. However, you will need a basic understanding of JavaScript to implement. So put your geek glasses on and get started!

Thanks Mohit for the post!


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