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Mobile Facebook Ads Generate 13X More Clicks Than Desktop Ads

on June 21, 2012

Originally posted on HubSpot:

Recently, Google launched the ability to set up mobile-only ads, allowing advertisers to ability to test the effectiveness of desktops vs. mobile, allowing them to optimise their budgets to the best performing devices. According to new data from three of Facebook’s biggest API partners (who purchase the ads) mobile Sponsored Stories are generating 13 times the click-through rates of all Facebook desktop ads.

The articles notes that the Sponsored Story format is the only Facebook on mobile devices – however even looking the Sponsored Story performance on Desktop, the results still indicate the mobile-format is pretty compelling.

The chart below shows an average click-though rate of 1.14% for mobile devices which cost per clicks comparable to that of desktop formats. TechCrunch also suggests that the success of the format could be a potential game-changer for Facebook since they earn considerably more than the combined desktop ad offerings. Furthermore, mobile Internet users are expected to grow significantly, with more than 25% of users accessing the Internet from a mobile device in NZ last year.

It remains to be seen how successful the ad formats would be driving particular actions beyond the click  and the desktop formats still provide a number of advertising options that could be more engaging (such as polls).


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