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AdWords Adds Mobile App Targeting

on June 14, 2012

Earlier in the week, Google announced greater integration with AdWords and AdMob. AdMob is a mobile app ad network that Google purchased two years ago.

The new integration allows AdWords advertisers to set up and optimise campaigns to target ads within apps on this platform. You can find a new campaign type is available in AdWords by selecting “new campaign” from the Campaigns tab, and then “Display Network only (mobile apps)”.

AdMob in AdWords

As with current AdWords campaigns, you can also target by specific smartphone or tablet device models or by targeting a particular manufacturer brand. You can also target by categories available in the app store or Android marketplace. The new change means more transparency on where the ads are showing and at a later stage, the tool can also provide estimated impressions based on selected targeting.

click for full size

Thew new change now means localised billing and full access to the user interface as with any regular AdWords campaign. Rich Media formats (i.e. CPM and Reservation ad units), blassts and application download campaigns will remain on AdMob.


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