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Facebook Explores Giving Kids Access

on June 7, 2012

Facebook are in the process of developing technology that would allow children below 13 years to use the social networking site under parental supervision. Evidently, some children are already on through falsified birthdays, but this step could see the company tap into a new pool of users for more revenue at the expensive of privacy. The current situation puts the company in the awkward position as American federal law prohibits collecting personal data from children.

Some of the mechanisms include connecting children’s accounts to their parents’ and letting the parents decide who they can friend and what apps they can use. Facebook have also inquired with identity-verification providers about ways of getting verifiable consent from parents of children who want to use Facebook.

According to Consumer Reports, 7.5 million children are using the site, as well as five million below the age of 10. Research by Microsoft found that 36% of parents were aware that their children joined Facebook and a substantial percentage of these parents helped their kids in the effort.

Originally posted on Wall Street Journal


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