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Google Chrome Becomes World’s Most Popular Web Browser

on May 22, 2012

For the first time in history Google Chrome overtook Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the world’s most popular web browser for a full week. Chrome had a weeklong surge in usage last week according to StatCounter. Chrome has previously overtaken IE for weekend usage but this is the first time it has had the top spot for a full week. Asia and South America contributed heavily to Chrome’s traffic boom, with Internet Explorer and Firefox remaining North America and Europe’s dominant web browsers. In India, Chrome held an 8 percent lead over Firefox, the country’s second most popular browser.

In New Zealand, Internet Explorer leads as the most popular browser but the gap between IE and Chrome has narrowed significantly since the start of the year. For a few days in April, Chrome usage did overtake that of IEs in NZ and all trends suggest Chrome is likely to be cemented as the browser of choice for NZ.

The news comes just days after Google announced plans to redesign how it displays search results. The company unveiled its new Knowledge Graph, promising it will upgrade its engines to go beyond searching for matching strings of characters, to actually understand users’ browsing habits.

Originally posted on V3.


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