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Online Advertising Spend Grows 14% YOY in 1st Quarter

on May 16, 2012


The Q1 2012 IAB report has just been released to all IAB members, showing that total online advertising spend in New Zealand for Q1, 2012 was $79.21m up $11.09m year-onyear. This represents a 14% year-on year increase for online ad expenditure which is significant compared to Television growing by 4% over the same period.

Display, Search & Directories and Classifieds continued to show growth year-on-year. Classifieds leads this quarter, up 17% followed by Search & Directories with a 15% increase
and Display at 9%. Online video ad spend increase by 21%* year-on-year while the Investment, Finance and Banking, Travel and Accommodation and Government departments, Services and Communities sectors continue dominate in the Display channel. This group represented 40% of the advertising market in Q1, 2012 (37% in Q4, 2011 and 36% in Q1, 2011).



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