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Quixey: A Search Engine For Apps

on May 9, 2012

Introducing Quixey, a search engine designed for apps. Apps, whether they are for desktop, browser or mobile, have essentially become websites in another form. They can link to other content, provide information and fulfill many functions of a regular site in a compact and easy to use format. However, one reason companies such as Google, do not like apps is that their internal content is not indexed, so despite plenty of apps surfacing, it isn’t always clear what’s inside.

Quixey joins a number of search engines forming the “app discovery problem”. What we like about Quixey is that it takes a different approach to indexing apps, in what they call “functional search”. The idea is that a user will enter a query related to what they want to do rather than finding specific apps or even categories. It’s a great way for users to discover new apps on multiple platforms that they may not have come across otherwise. It might also mean that developers bring more thought to what purposes apps serve to those that use them as well as what problems could be solved through using them.


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