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Replacing Text Captchas With Game-Based Authentication

on May 4, 2012

From Engadget: A startup called Are You Are A Human has developed Play Thru, a very cool alternative to text-based authorisation. Instead of requiring the user to type some blurry, nonsensical word (often in hilarious combinations), PlayThru has them play a mini-game, such as dragging and dropping a car into an open parking spot. We quite liked the “Make a Pancake” one (or more accurately, the idea of having pancakes).

The startup says this method is more secure than word captchas, since automated bots have a harder time solving these image-based puzzles, and more fun, because users generally have a better time when their ability to identify letters isn’t called into question.

PlayThru has been in beta for several months and is currently available as a free download. On May 21st, the solution will officially launch on both PCs and smartphones. Click through to this link to try out the captcha alternative for yourself. Would be great if this catches on!


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