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Mobile Search: Key Trends and Optimization Strategies

on May 1, 2012

Marin recently hosted a webinar on the state of mobile search advertising: key trends and optimisation strategies. Then original webinar can still be viewed here.

Sabina from Amnesia has kindly summarized some of the key takeouts from the session.


Google 2011 Estimates – $2.5 Billion in mobile revenue (7% of total revenue). Estimated to grow to $20.7 billion by Dec 2016 (26% of total revenue). This includes mobile paid search and Ad Mob. Marin volume has grown from 5.3% mobile clicks (out of total clicks) in Jan 2011 to 12.3% in Dec 2011. Estimated that by Dec 2016 25% of Google US paid search clicks will be from Smartphone devices.

4 Key Steps for Managing Mobile:

  1. Separate Mobile and Desktop campaigns
    1. Different destination URLs
    2. Different ad formats (using options such as store locator, click-to-call extensions)
  2. Target users with device specific copy
    1. Highlighting device drives higher CTR  – “signals” to the user that the experience is mobile optimized
  3. Prioritize ad position
    1. Fewer available positions in mobile  necessitates bidding up to top positions
    2. Smaller viewing experience
  4. Optimize the User experience – have a mobile site
  5. Geographical targeting to become more important with Search becoming increasing localised and targeted

Search Behaviour Patterns

  • Computers – searches occur all day. Spikes 9 am and drops off at 5 pm (workday).
  • Tablets – searches happen after work. Spike from 6-11pm.
  • Smartphone – grows steadily throughout the day. Rivals desktop search in the evenings. Peaks around 9 pm.

Over 70% of users conducted searches on their smartphones after exposure to an ad (traditional, online, mobile).

9/10 Smart phone searches end in an action. 95% of smart phone users have looked for local info, 88% have taken action on this information within 1 day.

Average device search is double the characters than a Desktop search. Possibly due to use of auto-fill. Most of the mobile query growth is consumer oriented – not much growth in B2B at the moment.

Graph showing variance of click through rate and cost per click across devices.



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