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Mmm… Display URLs Upcoming Breadcrumb Trails

on April 25, 2012

As reported here, Google will be adding the ability to show breadcrumb trails within the display URL of Google AdWords search ads. In the web context, a breadcrumb trail simply refers to the navigation path of any given page within a site’s hierarchy. An example of a breadcrumb trail and how search ads may show it is in the screenshot below.

It has yet to be official announced (but mentioned in the Google help page!) but it yet another example of Google replicating features of organic listings to improve their paid search offering. It has some great advantages for campaigns, as well as being able to segment out the performance of the breadcrumb trail via the interface. The extra line occupies more space and gives more text to show a potential user what the site is about.

Obtaining the top positions in search engine results page might be even more important given the additional visibility and the trail provides someone viewing the ad plenty of options for where they want to browse, potentially improving click-through rate. It also means deep linking should be considered often, given that the breadcrumb still allows more broader pages to be navigated to instead.

For the ad to include the snippet, Google needs to know which breadcrumbs to display, meaning marking up the site with rich snippets for breadcrumbs will be even more important (although these should already be in place to maximise organic listings). The display URL also would need to be the at the top domain only (so http://www.exampleshoes.com for the example), meaning it might lessen the need for detailed display URLs.


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