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Google Testing “Trusted Stores” Badges On Search AdWords

on April 24, 2012

Over in the states, Google is testing their Trusted Stores in AdWords, with the badge appearing in the search ads of qualifying advertisers. Example as below:

The Google Trusted Stores program, which is not yet available in NZ or anywhere outside of the US at this stage, aims to improve consumer confidence by certifying the stores carrying the badge have met certain minimum standards in customer service and even some purchase protection for buyers. To be a part of the program, etailers must apply and provide a range of data to Google. To qualify, Trusted Stores must have a track record of on-time shipping and reliable customer service, including quick resolution of any customer issues. Although most users buying online are likely to already have a list of trustworthy stores and brands, the badge provides a sense of security to anyone new, or to new stores encountered.

A Google spokesperson, asked to comment on the test, sent a statement that said: “As part of the Google Trusted Stores program, we’re currently conducting a test with a small set of advertisers to help users identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience. In our ongoing efforts to provide ads that are useful and relevant for users, we’re experimenting with different ways to communicate information about the quality of the shopping experience for a particular advertiser in the search ad itself.”

The example provided is just one example of implementation and according to Google, a number of options are being trialed. The badge is eye-catching as it is somewhat unusual to see an image within a search ad.


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