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Nice To Meta You.

on April 5, 2012

Hi there and welcome to our brand new blog.

We are a team of digital specialists based in Auckland and as you will discover in our later posts we index highly in all forms of digital advertising and communication. We digg discovering dry, industry humour such as this, as well as keeping abreast of more ‘wet’ developments in the digiscape such as this.

Our field is an art, sometimes quite literally art, so we are constantly on the search for anything new, different or just plain pinterest-ing amongst the cookies and breadcrumbs of our delicio.us world wide web.

So this blog is our platform for sharing these new developments, providing a little bit of commentary, as well as showing off a little of our own handiwork. We see it as an organic extension of our own work and hope you rank it highly too. (We’re talking to spiders by the way).

We’ll do our best to use plenty of alien and confusing terminology such as “keyword stuffing” and “article spinning”, and when we run out of them we’ll just start inventing acronyms to shorten phrases that really shouldn’t be shortened.

Ultimately, we just hope you find our blog as a relevant, insightful and enjoyable read. (Still talking to spiders here).

Feel free to adwords to our posts in the way of comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts and then refute them in a subsequent entry.

We look forward to having your company (seriously)!

The Team 🙂



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